Manon & Fabio

A love story above the clouds

No title was ever more suited to the story that I begin to tell you about this boho wedding in the clouds. A story that saw two young lovers exchange promises of eternal love right in the clouds! The refuge of Santa Maria ai Monti is located on a plateau of the Lattari Mountains, at over a thousand meters above sea level. On a natural...

Jolanda & Valentino

Wedding Photographer at Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy

Being a wedding photographer at Villa Cimbrone is an honour for any professional photographer.

The Hotel Villa Cimbrone is a unique location in the world, where architectural and decorative elements blend perfectly with the enchanting charm of the Amalfi Coast. All this creates an ...

Claire & James

Wedding at Hotel Grand Convento di Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast

In the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi Coast, a popular destination for many tourists for breathtaking scenery and beloved Italian wedding destination was celebrated the wedding of Claire and James. The enchanting ...

Louisa & Dom

An elegant wedding in Ravello

After promising to marry each other in the sea of Positano, exactly a year later, Louisa and Dom are sworn eternal love in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast. Enchanted by the timeless charm of the splendid coastal city, the two young spouses have crowned their dream as in the typical Italian Dolce Vita, accompanied by ...

Jennifer & Andrew

A wedding dream between Capri and Sorrento

Everyone dreams of a wedding view of Capri, in the beautiful Sorrento, experiencing the magic of the Italian Dolce Vita.
Between the blue of the sky and the sea, which kiss the Faraglioni, and in the San Francesco Cloister, during a joyful and romantic ceremony, Andrew and Jennifer have exchanged...

Nunzia & Federico

Endless love on the Amalfi Coast

Magic colors, real emotions and a fairy-tale sunset, to poetically sanction the promise of eternal love. This is the frame of the beautiful love story between Nunzia and Federico, newlyweds in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast ...

Adriana & Gennaro

Around the treasures of the Amalfi Coast

The connection, which link people to their homeland, is something indescribable, especially for the inhabitants of the Amalfi Coast. Here the human relations are indissoluble in time, able to generate affection in each part of the life. Here everybody feels part of one big invisible family without ...

Minh & Stacey

Discovering Ravello Beauties

An ancient adage states that a journey is experienced three times: when one dreams of it, when it is lived and when one remembers it.
This motto perfectly matches the choice of Minh and Stacey, who have chosen to celebrate their love on their wedding day traveling in the fascinating Amalfi Coast.

Resi & Luca

Catholic Wedding in Ravello, Amalfi Coast

Travelling can create new emotions, experiences and generate projects, improving the human soul. A journey experience can affect people during the most important choices in life. This is exactly what happened to Luca and Resi, who had to celebrate the wedding day on the Amalfi Coast. This place is the cradle of intimate memories for the spouses; the amazing landscape a perfect frame. The beautiful Ravello welcomed the two young lovers to ...

Lacey & Elias

Wedding at Hotel Belmond Caruso - Ravello, Amalfi Coast

The charming and luxurious Hotel Belmond Caruso in Ravello is one of the most evocative wedding destinations on the Amalfi Coast, the hotel can be reached by taking one of the most characteristic streets of Ravello until you reach Piazza San Giovanni del Toro, where time seems to have stopped many years ago.
In the beautiful gardens of the Hotel Belmond Caruso, intimate and ...

Roberta & Julian

Wedding in Maiori, Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful wedding destination in Italy, its landscapes and the atmosphere that you live in its small villages offer unique moments.
Pearl of Campania, the Amalfi Coast extends from Vietri sul Mare to Positano, along the panoramic road it is a succession of breathtaking views and cliffs overlooking the sea ... in short, the perfect setting for a dream wedding!
All this together with the ...

Scott & Patrick

Amalfi Coast Same Sex Wedding Photo Tale

The Amalfi Coast, those 2 words bring such a sense of calmness to me. They wash over me in a way that slows the World down, allows me to breath and think. I can close my eyes and see the beautiful blue waters, smell the aroma of the blooming lemon trees and taste the amazing foods and wines. We’ve had the pleasure to visit the Amalfi Coast every year for the last 7 years. All your senses will be fired up when you visit the ...

Amanda & Jarrod

Amalfi Coast wedding love story

Jarrod and I had never been to the Amalfi Coast before, but I've always had the desire to get married there. With all the searching we did of the towns in the area, Ravelloseemed to be the perfect choice. No words can really describe how or why we felt so passionately about this town, but we knew we wanted an intimate and stress-free wedding and Ravello was the place for us. We decided to get married at ...

Lana & David

Symbolic wedding at Villa Eva in Ravello.

Love is in the air is the phrase that can best sum up the magical day of Lana and David in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. Italy accounted for the two young lovers, the perfect wedding location for the symbolic ceremony, declaring eternal confidence and support to the partner. The decision to pronounce the fateful yes from the beautiful terrace in Liberty style of Villa Eva made it even more impressive and solemn ; the panoramic view overlooking ...

Laura & David

Wedding at Monastero Santa Rosa, Amalfi Coast

Near the village of Conca dei Marini on the Amalfi Coast, rises the Monastero Santa Rosa. In the beautiful gardens with the luxury atmosphere, the time seems to be stopped. The Mediterranean sea and the views overlooking the Town of Amalfi make timeless memories, eternal in the mind of lucky spectators. The charm of ...

Britt & Brian

Luxury Destination Wedding at Palazzo Avino, Ravello - Italy

In Ravello there is a Pink Place where everything seems to be part of a fairy world. Palazzo Avino, an incredible 5-star deluxe hotel, has cuddled Britt and Brian during their wedding. Excellence of luxury recognized worldwide, Palazzo Avino offers numerous services that allow guests to combine charm and relaxation with the timeless taste of Italy. For Britt and Brian the wedding was ...

Mairead & Liamie

Wedding at Hotel Casa Angelina in Praiano, Amalfi Coast

Praiano looks like a pearl nestled between Amalfi and Positano, being without doubt one of the most fascinating countries in the world. The little town, which develops vertically, offers a breath-taking view overlooking the sea, with unique and unforgettable corners. In this amazing frame, typical of the fairy tales, you can find ...

Rebecca & Paul

A wedding discovering Ravello's beauty among Villa Cimbrone and Belmond Caruso

The marriage of Paul and Rebecca preserves all the characteristic features of a romantic appointment with the same emotions and charm. This time, however, the purpose of the meeting was not just spending hours in harmony and serenity. The two young lovers, in fact, have chosen to represent metaphorically the beginning of the new loving journey into a unique place, to make memories indelible over time. The choice fell on the enchanting Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast, in southern Italy. The romantic ...

Jennine & Andrew

Civil wedding in Positano, an enchanting destination wedding overlooking the Amalfi Coast

The town of Positano is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Amalfi Coast,a romantic and enchanting location for celebrating an Italian style destination wedding. This important day for Andrew and Jennine started with the dressing up at Marincanto Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotel in Positano. Their civil wedding ceremony took place in the...

Paola & Mark

Wedding at Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria,
Sorrento – Italy

The photo tale of Paola and Mark's wedding is like a great flashback. The photo reportage in fact begins with the romantic honeymoon of the two young lovers in Ravello, near Belmond Caruso, immediately after the marriage. Here, then, come back to mind the beautiful memories of the...

Stephanie & Mehdi

Wedding at Palazzo Avino, Ravello

Spring is undoubtedly the perfect metaphor for marriage. In the great circle of love, in which it is impossible to identify the beginning and the end, marriage, like spring season, represents a new flowering. A series of beautiful feelings arise, creating a unique atmosphere that smells of joy and serenity. Stephanie and Mehdi's marriage is ...

Francesca & Shaun

Lake Garda destination wedding – Malcesine

When as children we find ourselves thinking about future work, we always imagine it in line with our ambitions and passions. The beautiful marriage of Shaun and Francesca was exactly that. The wedding of the two young lovers took place on the enchanting Lake Garda in Malcesine. A destination wedding is a ...

Brianna & Damien

Romantic wedding in Positano

Brianna and Damien achieved their love in the amazing village of Positano, one of the most beautiful destination wedding in Amalfi Coast, Italy. They got ready at Hotel Piccolo San't Andrea in Praiano, and here they had the first look: a very touching moment who shows the real love shared by the young couple.
Before the ceremony the bride and groom had...

Veronica & Giorgio

Wedding in Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Veronica and Giorgio's marriage was like a fairy-tale.
They wanted to crown their love in the homeland of Veronica: the Amalfi Coast.
Charming destination wedding in Italy, the Amalfi Coast was the perfect setting for...

Lena & Dan

Destination wedding Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy

On a beautiful spring day, Lena and Dan declared eternal love to each other in the gardens of Villa Eva, on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Surrounded by their guests, the couple spent the special day among the beauties of Ravello, across the main square and the beautiful ...

Vittorio & Carmen

Wedding at Torre Normanna, Maiori, Amalfi Coast

Photographing a wedding always means unique emotions for a photographer. The good fortune to take part in joyful events allows you to participate in special days where you can appreciate the pure beauty of love, breathing joy, and share and capturing intimate moments of naturalness. In the case of the marriage of Vittorio and Carmen the emotion was...

Suzanne & Stephan

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Ravello

Wedding ceremony in the stunning Villa Eva, exclusive Villa for private party in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast. Photo session in Villa Rufolo. Dinner and after party at Villa Eva....

Nicola & Niall

Exclusive wedding photography at Villa Eva in Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nicola and Niall chose the delightful Amalfi coast to celebrate one of the most important days in life. Before the catholic wedding ceremony, the couple shared the anxiety and excitement of the day with relatives and closest friends in Amalf. After the getting ready, Nicola and Niall have...

Rachit & Resh

Romantic anniversary photo tale in Positano,
on the Amalfi Coast

Life is short and time is swift. Before I knew it, we were three years into our marriage. My only regret from our wedding day was that I didn't get the chance to read my own vows to my bride. Thanks to Enrico Capuano, that is no longer the case. My vows were written. The hard part was over. Now all that was left was to capture the memory and seal it in place in a location where time can stand still for long enough.
My wife and I have ...

Nello & Luisa

Wedding in Atrani, Amalfi Coast

United to the Amalfi Coast by their origins and relatives, Nello and Luisa have chosen Atrani to pronounce the fateful yes. A few steps away from Amalfi, Atrani is the smallest Italian town, full of views and characteristic corners. As the father of the bride ...

Francesco & Sylwia

Wedding reportage photography in Ravello, Amalfi Coast

Francesco and Sylwia have declared their love in the enchanting Church of Santa Maria in Gradillo in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. The two lovers have set the wedding reception at Palazzo Avino. The beautiful hotel, ancient private villa of the twelfth century, offered an intimate and charming ...

Anna & Simone

Wedding reportage photography in Sorrento

To the places of childhood are tied the nicest memories for us. Represent the starting line of life, the point from which everything begins. For Simone and Anna the starting line has become a first arrival. In fact, the guys have chosen to start the path of the married life from the these more important places: Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast. Simone and Anna’s wedding was a...

Rachel & Michael

Elopement wedding in Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Rachel and Michael escaped to Italy for a romantic elopement wedding in the amazing landscape of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Here the two lovers had a symbolic ceremony at the town hall of the City, celebrating Love in simplicity and class. Travelling on an old ...

Gilda & Clayton

Destination wedding photographer at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello

Every bride says that her wedding day was the best day of her life, but I truly believe that our wedding was simply the most beautiful dream I have ever experienced. We chose Ravello as the backdrop for our wedding after months of research online. Being of Italian heritage I thought it would be nice to experience an Italian wedding. I searched for ‘best places in Italy’ to get married and I kept finding the same results – Ravello. Synonymous with Ravello we found...

Jade & Luke

Elopement wedding in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Love feelings in harmony between the nicest corners of one of the most stunning place in the world, a romantic elopement wedding in the beautiful Amalfi Coast, in Southern Italy. Jade and Luke declared their love in Ravello, in the Principessa di Piemonte garden,
during a ...

Boe & Richard

Jewish wedding anniversary in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

Love each other every day, letting the love light dazzle and enrich with happiness every day, like the first one. Significant words that encapsulate the true essence of marriage. To celebrate and highlight this promise Boe and Richard, a young newly wed couple, have decided to celebrate the first wedding anniversary in a exclusive and intimate way. In fact, to commemorate the power of the infinite circle of love, the two lovers organized a symbolic ceremony on the Amalfi Coast, retracing all the rituals of classical traditional ...

Teresa & Mario

Catholic wedding in Amalfi.

Get married to start a new path of life together, sharing moments of pure love increasing the couple feeling thanks to the experience of a married life. Love each other every day, every instant, rejoicing in happy moments and support each other in the less easy instants with enthusiasm and dedication. Starting from these assumptions Mario and Teresa have decided of pronouncing the fateful YES in front to closest relatives and friends. The two lovers have been enthusiastic for the organization of their wedding. Sporadically visiting the Amalfi Coast, Mario and Teresa were enchanted by...

Noreen & Stephen

Wedding photography in Ravello.

Noreen and Stephen, from Ireland, fell in love on the Amalfi coast and decided to pronounce their fateful yes in the town of Ravello. Enrico Capuano, photographer specialized in weddings and ceremonies in Ravello, has captured the entire event, from the getting ready to the dances, where guests have danced on the music notes of the playlists that the spouses love. Through the photo reportage you can have a real tale of the marriage. The first phase of the wedding was held at...

Shekira & Jack

Wedding in Villa Cimbrone - Ravello

After eleven years of engagement Shekira and Jack decided to celebrate their path of love by getting married in Ravello, a village on the Amalfi Coast, a few steps from Sorrento. Italy has always fascinated the two lovers, really excited to visit the beauties of Campania. The wedding was intimate and exclusive, full of love and feelings surrounded by relatives and close friends. The preparation of the couple took place in ...

Amanda & Joe

Honeymoon in Positano.

The first moments after the wedding enclose indescribable sensations, feelings and emotions. They represent a new chapter of life, the fusion of two souls which are going to live common experiences to reach common goals. Love reaches its peak, infecting the surrounding world and making the atmosphere fairy. Amanda and Joe are a couple from New York. After celebrating their wedding in the beautiful Philadelphia the two young lovers have arrived to the Amalfi Coast to live their memorable honeymoon. Once in Italy, the newlyweds were enchanted by ...

Maria & Raffaele

Catholic Wedding in reportage style in Maiori.

The Amalfi Coast offers many destination weddings where to celebrate a wedding. Maria and Raffaele decided to crown their dream of love in the church of San Domenico in Maiori, recently restored. The wedding took place in a quiet and relaxing style.
All photos were made reportage style capturing the funniest, most spontaneous and romantic moments...

Nikki & James

Catholic wedding in Ravello.

This is a photographic tale of the Catholic marriage of James and Nikki, with whom I shared the moments unique and unforgettable of the best day of their lives. The young couple were married in Italy, on the Amalfi Coast. In Ravello, unique place for atmosphere and locations, the two young lovers have uttered the fateful Yes! in the Church of Santa Maria in Gradillo a short walk from the town center.
During the festivities ...

Heleane & Sean

Catholic Wedding in Ravello.

Sean and Heleane decided to get married in Ravello in the Duomo, with a Catholic ceremony. The beautiful village about 5 km from Amalfi, overlooking the coast, offers the perfect setting for an intimate and elegant wedding ceremony. The wedding photo reportage is started at the Hotel Giordano, a few meters from the main square...

Taise & Luiz

Wedding in Positano.

Taise and Luiz, coming from Brazil, were married in one of the most beautiful wedding locations in the world: the Amalfi Coast. In particular, Positano was their love nest. The two betrothed have chosen a symbolic ceremony at the Hotel Marincanto, in the heart of the beautiful village. After the ceremony ...

Katie & Andy

Wedding dream in Ravello.

Organize a wedding in Ravello offers numerous location to make your wedding unforgettable. Katie and Andy chose Villa Porta Donica to start their special day. While Andy was waiting at the Gardens of Principessa di Piemonte with all the guests for the arrival of his beloved, Katie has made some photos during the make-up and the dressing up with her bridesmaids enjoying the stunning view of the Villa. The civil ceremony...

Hanna & Fredrik

Wedding at Villa Eva, Ravello.

Villa Eva, located in the heart of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, is the exclusive location where Friedrik and Hanna celebrated their marriage rite. Overlooking the Bay of Maiori on the one side and Amalfi on the other, the spouses have lived an unforgettable experience, declaring their love in front of their relatives and close friends. After the ceremony...