Vittorio & Carmen

Wedding at Torre Normanna
Maiori, Amalfi Coast

Photographing a wedding always means unique emotions for a photographer. The good fortune to take part in joyful events allows you to participate in special days where you can appreciate the pure beauty of love, breathing joy, and share and capturing intimate moments of naturalness. In the case of the marriage of Vittorio and Carmen the emotion was, if possible, even greater. The honour and the pleasure of being able to capture the special day of lifetime friends gave a personal added value to what was captured by the camera. The celebrations for the wedding of Vittorio and Carmen and the small Raffaele baptism took place in Ravello, in the sanctuary of Saints Cosma and Damiano, on a beautiful summer day on the Amalfi coast. The celebration then continued in the beautiful Torre Normanna in Maiori, surrounded the crystal blue sea and the affection of their guests. Here is a brief summary of the day in the photo reportage. Photographs by Enrico Capuano.