enrico capuano photographer

Photography, a lifestyle.

Photography for me is an aptitude, a passion. I started since I was a child and now is mi lifestyle. I was just three years old when I opened a drawer and I found a small and old Camera without the roll. I was really young but automatically I looked through the viewfinder. It was an istant, but I’m sure that my passion started in that exact moment. From that second, I decided to capture the reality through the camera lens. As a present for my fifth birthday I received an analog camera. It was a gift from my father’s friend.
With this gift I had the possibility to practice photography in my free time. I can not explain right now how I was happy once I opened the case and I found what now is my best and inseparable friend. Obviously in the following years I’ve changed a lot of more technological and efficient cameras, but I remeber my first one with emotion and thankfulness, because is thanks to that old object that my passion and my current job began. I’ve a lot of beautiful memories connected with my work, but one really important is a phrase that a lovely bride told me while I was shooting a wedding reportage in the Amalfi Coast. She sayd: “ Enrico, it looks like you were born behind a camera”. Well, for you it could not appear something special like you have won a world photo contest, but for me it means really a lot.
Oh yes, my name is Enrico Capuano and as you have understood, I’m a professional photographer. I realise reportage during weddings and cerimonies in one of the most amazing place of the world: Amalfi Coast.
I speak English, French and German because before studying photography I wanted to have the knowledge to be in contact with people of other countries and regions.

After that, I decided to follow my expectations, studying at ILAS DESIGNER SCHOOL. There I’ve increased my knowledge about advertising photography , wedding photography , reportage photography and fashion photography.
I started working as photographer really young so now I have a huge portfolio of more then 400 weddings where you can have a look of my style based on reportage, shooting and capturing all the emotions of the day, from the dressing up ‘till the first dance.
I really love black and white photos as a sucession of lights and shadow, where you can really feel the soul of the subject. I love also colourful wedding pictures, taken in the beautiful landscapes of the Amalfi coast, such as Amalfi, Maiori, Positano and Ravello.