Manon & Fabio

No title was ever more suited to the story that I begin to tell you about this boho wedding in the clouds. A story that saw two young lovers exchange promises of eternal love right in the clouds!

The refuge of Santa Maria ai Monti is located on a plateau of the Lattari Mountains, at over a thousand meters above sea level. On a natural terrace overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, there is a small altar with the statue of the Madonna and a bell that traditionally visitors ring once they reach the top, to celebrate an event or a special promise.

From here the view overlooks the towns of Scala, Ravello and Maiori from above. Opposite, on the left, the entire mountain ridge winds its way from Capodorso to Sant’Angelo di Cava. In the distance you can see the Picentini, the Alburni Mountains, and then the Cilento coast up to Punta Licosa with the hills behind. Amalfi coast, therefore, but not the "usual" coast.

From above the view of the sea merges with that of the sky, and, especially at dawn and at the first light of the evening, the houses of Scala, Maiori and Ravello draw a suggestive nativity scene.

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Here Fabio and Manon, on a beautiful September day, wanted to celebrate their love with a symbolic rite among the rocks.

Fabio works for an international hotel chain as a sales manager and Manon works in communication for high fashion. They have lived together for a while in Dubai and in September, for the first time, Manon arrived on the Amalfi coast to visit Fabio's hometown, Scala, right near Ravello.

During an excursion with friends in the Lattari mountains, between Scala and Agerola, they stopped at the Santa Maria dei Monti refuge and were struck by the beauty of the landscape and the sense of peace and intimacy of the square with the bell and the Madonna.

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