Manon & Fabio

Almost for fun they said to themselves that it would be a suitable scenario for a wedding! Their friends, present at the scene, Aurora and Leo, exclaimed:

"Nice then, get married here, and we are witnesses".

From this hypothesis born for fun to realize the wedding, the step was short. Let me be clear, neither religious nor civil marriage was celebrated, but a symbolic rite. The boys wanted to seal their love story with an exchange of promises, with friends who shared with them the discovery of that enchanted place, during a two days made of carefree, serenity, sharing, nature and love ... many many photo!

A few words to tell you about the highlight of the day, the celebration of the symbolic rite. reading their promises, on the most panoramic peak of the Refuge square, right next to the bell and the Madonnina. A warm breeze underlined the complete contact with nature that we had during these two days.

For the walnut lunch, an existing table was set up at the refuge and its benches in raw and aged wood, with cushions, some terracotta-colored, and copper details. The Moscow mule jug returns at various times of the day, from the morning picnic to the final toast. Complete the whole set of copper cutlery. Lots of roses in the tones chosen for the entire setting, orange gerberas, bronze ferns, bleached amaranth and freshly picked berries. As containers we have chosen the terracotta jugs of the refuge. The menu, decorated with a fern motif like the whole stationery, lists simple dishes and characteristics of the territory. After the cake was cut, the dances began in the area illuminated by the string of lights.

Fantastic ending for a boho wedding in the clouds.

wedding on the Amalfi Coast