Scott & Patrick

Amalfi Coast Same Sex Wedding Photo Tale

The Amalfi Coast, those 2 words bring such a sense of calmness to me. They wash over me in a way that slows the World down, allows me to breath and think. I can close my eyes and see the beautiful blue waters, smell the aroma of the blooming lemon trees and taste the amazing foods and wines. We’ve had the pleasure to visit the Amalfi Coast every year for the last 7 years. All your senses will be fired up when you visit the Amalfi Coast and all of it’s lovely, timeless towns. And on the other hand, “Will You Marry Me”, 4 of the most nerve wracking words known to man. But when you say then, it’s all you can do to hope and pray the answer is yes. Patrick and I have been together for more than 14 years before those words were spoken. It was in May, 2013 while visiting Ravello for the day we happened upon the beautiful Villa Eva completely by chance. I can remember it vividly, we open the gate, walked up the beautiful flower lined walk and stood in awe of the amazingly beautiful and meticulous grounds. As we made our way to the railing to look at the amazing views of the Coastline and towns below, Patrick said to me, “If I ever get married it is going to be right here”. Two years later, in May 2015, we stood in that very spot while I asked him to marry me. What a day that was. Not one proposal, but two and 4 rings to boot. I asked Patrick to marry me and presented him with a set of beautiful rings. Just a couple hours later, he proposed to me and presented me with another set of beautiful rings. I suppose if two rings make a marriage, then 4 must make a lifetime of happiness with one another. The beauty of the Amalfi Coast and specifically Ravello are difficult to articulate in words for me, lucky for us we found the most talented Photographer along the Amalfi Coast, Enrico Capuano. We are so pleased that Enrico was there to capture our special day, without his vision and knowledge of the area, I think we would have missed some of the most spectacular photo opportunities. Enrico’s Super Power is that he can stop time, he can capture a moment forever, a moment of love between two people that will never be duplicated again. I can’t think of a great super power to have. Enrico’s brilliance is that he understands the need to be organic and let the moment evolve all the while controlling the moment through his lens. We put our story in his hands and he made it come to life in pictures, this is the mark of a great wedding photographer.