Gilda & Clayton

Destination wedding photographer
at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello

Every bride says that her wedding day was the best day of her life, but I truly believe that our wedding was simply the most beautiful dream I have ever experienced. We chose Ravello as the backdrop for our wedding after months of research online. Being of Italian heritage I thought it would be nice to experience an Italian wedding. I searched for ‘best places in Italy’ to get married and I kept finding the same results – Ravello. Synonymous with Ravello we found that the same names kept popping up being Mario and Enrico Capuano. We were so moved by the images and words we saw online that it was imperative that we visit the Amalfi Coast to check out what would soon be our wedding venue. We were blown away... We instantly booked our reception at the Hotel Caruso, after-party at the exclusive Mosaique Disco Club with the help of Wagner Tours and our wedding planner Mario Capuano and Wagner Tours team. The biggest decision of all, was inevitably the easiest... who will photograph this dream? Enrico Capuano, local wedding photographer born and setted in Ravello was the simple choice, his work always inspired and evoked my imagination, I HAD to have him photograph our day. I was not disappointed. Enrico was calm and collected and he shot everything we wanted. He knew Ravello and the Amalfi Coast like the back of his hand and there was nothing that was an inconvenience for him. Every bride has suspense when they are awaiting their photos post wedding... what if...? but there was not a moment that I thought Enrico could not produce the most spectacular images that captured our wedding ‘dream’ perfectly.