Britt & Brian

Luxury Destination Wedding at Palazzo Avino,

Ravello – Italy

In Ravello there is a Pink Place where everything seems to be part of a fairy world. Palazzo Avino, an incredible 5-star deluxe hotel, has cuddled Britt and Brian during their wedding. Excellence of luxury recognized worldwide, Palazzo Avino offers numerous services that allow guests to combine charm and relaxation with the timeless taste of Italy.

For Britt and Brian the wedding was lived with carefree, happiness and fun, in all the different phases of the day. From the preparation to the first look, with a romantic walk in the historic center of the city, to enjoy the narrow streets and the panoramic spots on the Amalfi Coast. Finally, they had their symbolic ceremony celebrating uninterruptedly until late at night with family and friends.

Here is the photographic story edited by the photographer Enrico Capuano, a professional photographer specialized in the marriage sector and based in Ravello.