Rebecca & Paul

A wedding discovering Ravello's beauty

among Villa Cimbrone and Belmond Caruso.

The marriage of Paul and Rebecca preserves all the characteristic features of a romantic appointment with the same emotions and charm. This time, however, the purpose of the meeting was not just spending hours in harmony and serenity. The two young lovers, in fact, have chosen to represent metaphorically the beginning of the new loving journey into a unique place, to make memories indelible over time. The choice fell on the enchanting Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast, in southern Italy. The romantic little streets and the characteristic corners of the village led Rebecca and Paul in the gardens of Villa Cimbrone. Here a timeless beauty permeates the air. Villa Cimbrone's Infinity Terrace will always be the guardian of the couples' love seal. Ready to swear each other eternal love, Rebecca and Paul then reached the Principessa di Piemonte Gardens. Here is the civil ceremony took place, surrounded by the beautiful architectural complex of Palazzo Avino, with a glimpse of the Amalfi Coast and the presence of the guests. The ceremony was followed by a tour in Ravello's main square, before arriving at the Belmond Caruso hotel, where the festivities began, around the gardens and the Infinity pool. The photo reportage of the wedding between Villa Cimbrone and Belmond Caruso was realized by the professional photographer Enrico Capuano, specialized in wedding photography around Ravello and the Amalfi Coast.