Create a photo reportage may seem, at first glance, an easy task. In a technological age where pople need just a simple smartphone to take a picture, it’s easy to feel professional photographers, and we do not hesitate to show the triumphant result of our work to those who we have immortalized. But the reality is quite different. Take for example the case of marriage: from the start to the end it is a succession of strong sensations, in which feelings are the masters, and that's why realizing a photo shoot in this area is a source of excitement for the same photographer. In fact, he feels the need to capture the best highlights of the event, making sure that, following his artistic talent and style, all the images represent an exact moment which is an indelible memory in the years.

How to realize a wedding reportage ?!
There is no single style, and it is perhaps this that makes the photographer's work so exciting and thrilling. Although the key moments are common to all events, the skill of the photographer must be to capture the facets that make each wedding unique and memorable. He must immerse fully, becoming one of the family, but without being intrusive. The posed photos are beautiful but it is undeniable that the natural photos have a natural charm insuperable.

How to organize a photo shoot ?!
Understanding the needs of the groom, bride and their families is essential. The photo should be "tailored" seizing the moments that constitute the soul of the participants. Portraits, landscapes, pictures in black and white, must build the right mix to create a photographic story valid, moving, funny and light. We must also pay great attention to detail. From dressing up to the cutting of the cake and the first dance, the photographer must always be vigilant, apparently distracted, able to catch the situation by extrapolating the most intimate and romantic moments of the couple.

The spouses must pose?!
As mentioned earlier, the report must be a right mix. What must prevail are the natural and spontaneous moments, but the family photos are important. Realize that at the end of the day there are not pictures with the witnesses, with the bridesmaids or close relatives would be a shame. The photographer has, in fact, the role of guiding the event to achieve all the symbolic wedding pictures. A professional photographer should know how to be part of the event, coordinating and guiding the participants to the various steps in order to get a great wedding reportage. Reliability, discretion and attention must be, then, the essential qualities of a professional wedding photographer, who must know how to manage his knowledge in order to create an artistic work that can move the couple even after years