Ravello, a small town in southern Italy, offers a beautiful and unique scenery, becoming one of the most beautiful wedding destination in the world. If you're planning a wedding on the Amalfi Coast, you can’t omit the famous Villa Eva. In late liberty style, harmonic and slender, perfect to give a rustic touch to your event. Essential to make it "perfectly imperfect". Leafy, the wedding location presents different areas in order to organize exclusively every event. The Enrico Capuano Photographer is the most professional team chosen to photograph weddings in this paradise. The villa has many features, let's analyze some.

Exclusivity is the keyword.
The villa is for the exclusive use of the couple and their guests, who can enjoy freely the flower gardens, the narrow streets, the rooms inside. This factor is crucial from a photographic point of view. The spaces offer endless photographic opportunities: the colors give joy and happiness to the photos, the rustic corners and narrow streets are perfect for black and white fine art wedding photos.

A villa on a human scale.
Although the villa is big, full of different spaces and areas, including a pizzeria for the pizza party, it is perfect to set the mood of the wedding. The right management of the space allows the couple to be the center of the party, without losing contact with the guests. The photo made at Villa Eva will be full of natural moments of interaction between newlyweds and their guest, having fun and involving everyone.

The breathtaking landscape.
Villa Eva offers a charming setting of the Amalfi Coast. From its balconies you can admire the gulf of Salerno. Not all, the villa offers an aerial view of Ravello unique, with its cathedral and its small houses. Finally, on the opposite side, you can admire a unique glimpse of Amalfi and the rest of the coast. All amazing backgrounds to achieve perfect pictures with parents, relatives and friends, accompanied by an excellent aperitif at sunset lights.

Live band, DJ and open bar.
After the dinner and the cutting of the cake, the party at Villa Eva does not stop abruptly. You can extend the party with a DJ set, a live band and the open bar. This gives rise to a variety of situations and a lot of fun features that enrich the photos and the memories of the day. The first phase of the first dances give space to the disco, leading the wedding to new horizons, adding a fun and unexpected end to a party unique and exclusive in the Amalfi Coast.