The project "to the female mystery" was born as a photographic tribute to the woman, conceived as being pure and mysterious mosaic, always a source of inspiration for artists of all kinds. The story consists of three works that tell of three different aspects of the female world. The first aspect describes a static situation, which metaphorically wants to indicate the stability and strength in facing life. At the same time, the laying wants to conceal and preserve what is really at the heart of a woman, which is revealed only in acting guardian of his own absolute truth. This is underlined in the second work. The woman apparently can show different faces like masks. Even if there are infinite reflections, only one is the true nature of the female. The third photograph finally painted the figure with sensuality giving a fine attitude, almost dreamy. The project was carried out by the photographer Enrico Capuano in Ravello using the black and white photographic code, leaving a single beam of light to draw the highlights lines of the photographs. The light colors are what you can perceive directly observing the images. The Black, certainly present in greater amounts, however, is the arcane, mysterious and sacred. The three works mean a mystery, an enigma. Not a puzzle, but an inevitable attraction that pushes to go beyond the gaze in order to gain a personal impression from the atmosphere. The appearance want to drive to the essence.