Rome is a open-air museum as chocolate means calories. Surely I’m not saying nothing revolutionary or shocking.
It's almost impossible, in fact, a walk in the Italian capital without encountering architectures whcih can paralyze for their majesty, for technical perfection, for the public benefit.
The viewer remains disarmed, fascinated and ecstatic at the sight of such beauty. After a few moments, in the visitor starts a visual process, a search. The goal is to return to a spatial dimension more human.
This concept, already used by Filippo Brunelleschi in the realization of his works (almost exclusively in Florence), was the main theme of the new work "ROME | HUMAN PERSPECTIVE".
The aim of this project is to highlight the component Human within the Eternal City. The scenes are the most disparate, sometimes putting in relation the human figure with the surrounding scene. Other times, however, the eyes of the protagonists are the core of the narrative, and through these seem to see glimpses of souls, of lives lived, of multiple stories.
As well as the agglomeration of Monuments takes us back to different historical periods, epochs and cultural traditions, so the intersection of looks, the wait tram, a quick walk for a moment can guide us in another life, another social context or just ten yards farther than our eyes.
The photo stops the moment, but unconsciously establishes a point from which the viewer can start a new journey. Immediately the child metro can arrive at his destination and meet her parents, the bored hawkers can find a new customer, the two boys walking along the Tiber can finally declare their love, and so on.
Here, by a "faithful" reproduction of reality are born endless and subjective facets giving life to the most intimate fantasies of each of us.